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Common Problem

How to work normally

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  1) Proper breakdown force
  In order to effectively crush,the appropriate breaking force should be applied to the breaking hammer.If the breaking force of the piston of the crushing hammer is not enough,the hammer energy of the piston will not be able to effectively crush the stone; in this way,the reaction force of the hammering force will be transmitted to the body of the crushing hammer and the boom of the excavator / loader,thus damaging these parts.
  On the other hand,when the excavator / loader boom is lifted,if the breakdown force is too large and the crushing operation is carried out,the machine may suddenly incline at the moment of gravel,and the crushing hammer will be violent.If the crushing hammer strikes the stone violently,the hammer will be damaged.If the impact operation is carried out under this condition,the vibration will also be transmitted to the crawler and wheel of the excavator,so the operation under this condition should be avoided.
  Therefore,during the strike operation,always pay attention to the breaking hammer's breakdown force.Do not operate when the breakdown force is not suitable.
  2) Breakdown direction
  The breakdown direction should be in line with the steel drill rod.If the hammering direction is inclined,the steel drill rod may slip off and cause the steel drill rod and piston to break or get stuck.Therefore,when crushing operation,the breakdown point should be selected,so that the hammering stability of steel drill rod can be ensured.

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