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Common Problem

Specific inspection of mechanical parts

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  Reasonable selection of measurement datum
  The accuracy used in the process of side plate is the same as the standard used in processing,which is conducive to improving the measurement accuracy.If it is not consistent,it is necessary to select the surface with higher accuracy to facilitate positioning.For example,when testing sleeve parts,you can select the axis of the center hole as the benchmark: if you want to test the vertical degree,you should make the main indication accurate.
  Surface inspection
  The overall quality basin of parts is closely related to the surface quality site,and the internal defects may be caused if the surface quality is not up to standard.By exploring the quality of product indication,we can deeply analyze each process in the manufacturing process,so as to prevent defects from the source.The defects indicated include small bumps,scratches,cracks,etc.For different products,attention should be paid to some defects,so as to be targeted.After the surface inspection,the test results should be carefully noted and different products should be analyzed.Be organized.
Check the geometric tolerance.
  Different dimensions may have different tolerance requirements,which need to be designed according to current standards.For example,the straightness of axis and square components should be tested,and the symmetry of symmetrical parts should be checked.In the process of side inspection,some errors are inevitable and some can be avoided.The inevitable errors are often limited by the accuracy of the instrument.In addition,when the last reading is estimated,due to randomness,it is generally not the same.The error can be reduced by taking the average value,but it cannot be avoided; The error that can be avoided is often caused by the nonstandard operation.Therefore,it is necessary to standardize the test children to reduce the artificial error.

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