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What points should be paid attention to in the storage of crushing hammer accessories

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  Now the role of crushing hammer in the project is more and more obvious,how to do a good job of crushing hammer accessories storage? Let's find out what points should be paid attention to when storing the parts of crushing hammer.How should the accessories of crushing hammer be preserved?
The breaking hammer can clean up the floating stones and the soil in the rock crevice more effectively in the excavation of building foundation.The work of crushing hammer is also inseparable from the hammer accessories.
  1.The room must be kept dry.
  2.When storing,pay attention that the accessories will not be affected by other things in the room.
  3.It is better to place the hammer vertically or lie flat on the wood floor.
  4.After all,it is stored for a long time.If it is not treated properly,rust may be found when it is used again.
  5.Before long-term storage,it is necessary to confirm that all accessories of the crushing hammer are in good condition,and the damaged parts need to be repaired,and all accessories can be stored after maintenance.
  The content of storing crushing hammer accessories is simply introduced here.The power source of crushing hammer is the pressure oil provided by the pump station of excavator or loader.Welcome new and old customers to purchase,we will provide you with satisfactory products and services as always!

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